Blues Workshop w/ Jeremy & Karissa

when:March 21, 2009 11am - 4pm map

where:1183 SE Haig St, Portland, OR 97202

how much:$20 / class or $40 / all 3 classes

or at the door

for who:Beginning-Intermediate to Intermediate-Advanced Dancers
with some blues experience

questions:ask Jeremy at or 312-953-1193


  • 11amGOOSH: adding a little pause to your blues

    The difference between a good dance and a great dance is often in what you don't say. You'll be surprised at the depth your dancing will get by adding space and stretch in the right places. We'll learn how to be more comfortable saying little, and we'll learn how to give our dancing more texture by whispering as well as shouting.

  • 12:30pmOn or Off: cool moves using balance

    Balance is SOOO important. When your balance is on, it makes all kinds of things possible. We thought we'd explore some of those possibilities with a moves class. We'll call on different types of balance as we tackle dips, drawn out transitions, syncopations, extensions, and more.

  • 2pmBlues Dynamics: using momentum to launch your blues

    This is the Tao of Blues class. We don't move our partners, we redirect their energy. At times our combined energy is moving both of us, at times one of us, stored in a rubber band like stretch here, or in a leg swing there. We never let it die, we never let it stop.

    ...mind like water

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