Leads, your day has come at last! Blues Brothers is a workshop that focuses on making you the most popular lead ever.
10:30a Registration
10:45a Following for Leads (Dan Newsome)
12:10a Solo Man Movement (Topher)
1:25p Lunch
2:30p Productive Blues Patterns (Chris Chapman)
3:55p Karissa's Fascinating Rhythms (Karissa)
10:30a Registration
10:45a Blues Your Walk (Solomon)
12:10a How Not to Surprise Your Follow (Calico)
1:25p Lunch
2:30p How To Be a Convincing Blues Dancer (Brenda)
3:55p Master Class (Brenda)

One-day packages, Master class only package, and other special-exception packages available upon request.

Contact Calico Goodrich for more details.