Our Camp

At home in the Northwest, we are already a community of close friends and artists. People feeling welcome, comfortable, and then not wanting to leave is our specialty. (Ahhhhh, the vortex!) We would love to extend this commitment to community onto the playa. We want our town to be the one you keep coming back to, for that feeling you get when you know your neighbor, you know they care for you, and you plain enjoy their company. Our town is the lil’ one that brings you in with its charm, the one you don’t want to leave.


All day we will have our qualified staff available to serve up ice-cold beverages and hot Canasta tips. At night things will simmer down, but if you want to play by the light of our lanterns, then come on in!

We will offer these amenities with our philosophy in mind:

Ice Cold Sweet Tea and Lemon-aid

These specialties from the south will leave our new friends feeling refreshed, yet surprisingly warm and fuzzy. We will buy ice for this every day!


The best card game known to man. We will teach you the rules with grace and efficiency. Due to its team structure, it serves as a wonderful way to make a new friend. If you show us a game as cool as this one, we’ll play that too! Don’t worry, our special tupperware system takes the wind factor into account.

Rocking Chairs

A whole line of them at the front of our town under a shade structure will be the first thing you see. Ideal for multiple card games, these lovingly decorated rocking chairs will be great for chillin’ in the shade, yo. Each person in our town will decorate 1.5 chairs, sharing their aesthetic sense with all!


A special awning just for the rocking chairs with room for games to stretch back into.

Name Tags

In lil’ towns everyone knows everyone’s names. As you enter our town you will be given a name tag and be treated as our life-long friend.


This is where you belong, this is where you want to stay and relax. Join our family, stick around. Come sit on our front porch.

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